Utorrent rss not updating

When you remove the torrents, make sure you use "Remove all data .torrent" I had problem with that when tried using it too.

so what I did was leave the Utorrent RSS Feed alone, and used Google Desktop bar RSS feed to get the news, then get the torrent that way. Of course you can choose anything you wish and does not have to be Google Desktop widgets.

You won't be restricted from new releases of other things either this way.

@sharkykh Oh sorry I forgot to address that I was using the Mac version of utorrent (1.8.7 build 43796).

But the same setup is working in utorrent 2.2.1 (with "Disable connections unsupported by the proxy" unticked) so I was wondering if it can be similarly configured in qbittorrent. The other clients you tested are either not using the proxy to download the feeds or are using the HTTP CONNECT method. Everything has been working perfectly for a while, I cannot recall any changes being made at about the time this problem started.I have numerous RSS feeds and smart RSS filters set up to collect downloads that are regularly released.(Although the old worked perfectly fine.) @Cl Arthur I personally had the exact same issue with rarbg.com's feed (only in u Torrent) ever since Avast AV got its big yearly update.Had to disable the "Web Shield" in order for it to be able to fetch the feed. But obviously that's not the case if you're on OSX. It does solve the acute problem but it's not ideal as you then lack some file size checks and you might end up downloading stuff that you don't want or not downloading stuff that you do.

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