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While Floyd was not a neat freak, he did dust now and then.

However, now the shop looked like it had not been dusted since the last time she had come. The power was on and when she opened the freezer she saw that the ice cream bars he had were still frozen. The cars and trucks were parked on the street, but there was no sign of people.

Once the truck was unloaded she pulled it off to the side and covered it with an old tarp, just like she always did.

Sally knew the dangers of wild beasts both two and four legged.

Going in she gathered up her supplies and loaded her truck.Heading outside, she looked up and down the small main street. Walking up to the bank, Sally looked in before entering. She could hear birds and other nature sounds, but no man made ones.Like Floyd's store the bank was open and yet devoid of people. She felt a chill run down her back suddenly and it felt like the time when she had been hunting her first bear.Songs from the wood by Kaereni Once upon a time Sally was an ad exec.She lived, breathed, and played the rat race every day for near ten years.

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