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Martel, CBP Director of Field Operations in Los Angeles.

"I tell lawyers, if you want to pick my brain, just do it on a time I'm driving," she said. Her weekend "super mom" car is a Ford Flex sporting four carseats for her children.

And you know, if a jury thinks that a lawyer is not being straightforward with them it almost doesn't matter what arguments they're making, they're not going to buy it," Burdick said. Burdick's practice focuses on federal criminal defense, and when he gets state-level criminal sexual conduct cases he referrs people to Smith. She doesn't have hobbies outside of her family and her work.

She doesn't pick up her office phone when it rings, preferring to let most of the comments about what people want to do to her over a case go to voicemail. When she does vet new clients - and she usually has a pro-bono case going along with her regular caseload - she's choosy. And there have been clients that have sat down with me and I've said what you are telling me is not believable.

Burdick said a lot of attorneys don't like spending time in jail with their clients, but Smith is there all the time.

"She focuses on them like she's focusing on a loved one," Burdick said.

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