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When having this conversation with customers, I often tell them to imagine they had a brick & mortar store.

This store employs real humans, sells products and services like a traditional store, but also has state of the art kiosks where customers can self-serve.

For example, while millennials tend to want answers to their questions quickly and love a more automated approach to customer service older generations tend to still like human to human contact.

Bots are powered by artificial intelligence and are generally good at following narrow, tightly defined and routine instructions.

The level of sophistication that you can achieve is definitely higher than a phone IVR but still has a long way to go from fully substituting humans in every type of customer service interaction.

When something physical manifests at my doorstep by simply chatting with a bot; that’s when my mind gets blown.

While I obviously see disruptive potential with chatbots – it’s important to understand the underpinnings of this new wave of ‘Botification’ and how it applies towards a customer engagement strategy.

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While chatbots are certainly exciting, a lot of these technologies will need some time and effort to mature within a customer service environment. It’s important to be able to leverage knowledge within the human agents in contact center as well as the wealth of information present in historical chat logs.

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