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Link: is a collectors site and is absolutely chock full of information on identifying and dating German, Bavarian, Bohemian etc porcelain. Mister Smifff=====================================Peter (admin) says:- I couldn't agree with you more.

The only annoying thing about that site is they list makers regionally which makes it mighty hard to find a random mystery mark....

Photos are always best, otherwise slip ups like this can happen.

I also show above, a photo of two W & A pottery marks (ed.

Is there any information out there that shows a list of the figurines or atleast provides a clue on their numbering system, how many different ones were made? - Norine Hi Norine Up until recently you could have asked them, as the Arnart import company was still in business in the US.

However, I'm not sure where numbering records of this type would be kept now the company is not around anymore.

I very much appreciate work of this type by our visitors. Peter (Admin)===================================Further Comment by Peter (admin)To:- Diana's contribution to sorting out the Arnart Figurines from the W & A - Wagner & Apel figurines Hi Diana This is very exciting information and I very much appreciate you following up with such excellent detective work.

Please could you tell me where you got this excellent advice (ed.

The following Beatrix Potter backstamps represent those on figurines for sale on this website and are not a complete list of those issued by Royal Doulton.

Yours Faithfully Diana Ryan."Having just had a query about the same subject - a Hummel look-alike figurine with a crown label (see top photo) - I automatically attributed Diana's mark (without seeing a photo of the mark) to the Arnart Hummel rip-offs (designed by German artist Erich Stauffer).

Arnart were big importers of cheap Japanese goods in the 1950's and 60's - also with a crown label.

Unfortunately, one of my rescue pets destroyed them. Because of this, it started me looking into ARNART and Erich Stauffer.

I found that the numbering on my large figurines all had the same number to them, whereas smaller figurines were numbered separately.

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