Good ideas for dating anniversaries

Find something neither of you have done before — something you equally want to do — and make it happen.Not only will you make new memories, you'll see a side of your partner you've never seen.

Uncomfortable lingerie that rides up, pushes together, and gets banished to the back of an underwear drawer is not for your special lady.

Sorry I'm not very romantic - at least not in this sence - so I probably shouldnt even answer threads like this1 month, 3 months and 6 months ... For me to not remember a lot of the stuff you mentioned, I'd have to be ignoring my date. lol Maybe thats how you date now days but that don't work for me. Knowing that kinda stuff let the other person know they were interesting enough that you paid attention.

I just dont see the big deal on anniversaries it is like your celebrating that the person is still tolerating you, isnt the whole point that they will just be there? so why give a "thank you for not dumping me yet" gift? If they don't, then I think one is taking the relationship to casual.

Besides, now you can say you took your husband's "skydiving," "wine tasting," or "salsa dancing" virginity.2.

Something to commemorate your anniversary Most of us meet our special someone on an ordinary day.

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