Error updating db file on disk

For XML data that uses unstructured storage, the database has no knowledge of the XML structure —the data is treated as flat text, but for binary XML storage that structure is known.

You exploit this structural knowledge to create virtual columns, which the database can then use with constraints.

In the absence of both the encoding declaration and the BOM, the XML entity is assumed to be encoded in UTF-8.

Because ASCII is a subset of UTF-8, ASCII entities do not require an encoding declaration.

The easiest way to make these XML documents available to Oracle Database is to load them into Oracle XML DB Repository.

You can load XML documents from a local file system into Oracle XML DB Repository using protocols such as Web DAV, from Windows Explorer or other tools that support Web DAV.

However, the majority of techniques introduced here can also be used to manage other types of XML documents, such as those containing unstructured or semi-structured data.

This chapter also further explains Oracle XML DB concepts introduced in Chapter 1, "Introduction to Oracle XML DB".

This chapter contains these topics: , SQL developers can leverage the power of the relational database while working in the context of XML.

In addition, if the source data is not encoded in the database character set, an OCIEnv *envhp; OCIError *errhp; OCISvc Ctx *svchp; OCIStmt *stmthp; OCIServer *srvhp; OCIDuration dur; OCISession *sesshp; oratext *username = "QUINE"; oratext *password = "************"; /* Replace with the real password.

*/ oratext *filename = "AMCEWEN-20021009123336171PDT.xml"; oratext *schemaloc = " Source/xsd/purchase Order.xsd"; /*--------------------------------------------------------*/ /* Execute a SQL statement that binds XML data */ /*--------------------------------------------------------*/ sword exec_bind_xml(OCISvc Ctx *svchp, OCIError *errhp, OCIStmt *stmthp, void *xml, OCIType *xmltdo, Ora Text *sqlstmt) /*--------------------------------------------------------*/ /* Initialize OCI handles, and connect */ /*--------------------------------------------------------*/ sword init_oci_connect() /*--------------------------------------------------------*/ /* Free OCI handles, and disconnect */ /*--------------------------------------------------------*/ void free_oci() void main() Note: For simplicity in demonstrating this feature, this example does not perform the password management techniques that a deployed system normally uses.

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Do not confuse Oracle Database database character set UTF8 (no hyphen) with database character set AL32UTF8 or with character use UTF8 for XML data.

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