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Actress Emma Stone gets naked and plays with herself while on webcam in this behind the scenes photo.

In the digital age this is what is known as “casting” in heathen Hollywood.

It’s unity." Again, it's the subtle erasure of individual identity in order to turn people into part of the more important whole. Is it just me, or does The Circle's headquarters look a hell of a lot like Google's massive campuses?

It's built much like a town, and boasts a unique and inclusive work atmosphere for employees, including some amazing perks.

VC Daily does more than gather all the latest news and developments from the video conferencing world.

We tell you how those events will shape the future of digital communication, and how they’ll affect your life.

"Circlers" encouraging outsiders to "join us" whilst stressing the importance of being "valued" and cared about is all signature cult recruitment behavior.

And let's be honest: Tom Hanks looks like a pretty convincing cult leader.

Creepier yet, the film's Facebook page mentions the words, "It’s not conformity.

He may not be wearing a turtleneck, but Hanks clearly took inspiration from the world's two most recognizable tech CEOs.

In fact, it looks like both Zuckerberg and Hanks' character may have a penchant for Northface thermal jackets: The Circle's trailer has a lot going on, and it's teasing more than a world dominated by CCTV.

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