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However, the data of the Massif Central represent only some point readings of the geomagnetic field during the last ice age, whereas the new data from the Black Sea give a complete image of geomagnetic field variability at a high temporal resolution.Abrupt climate changes and a super volcano Besides giving evidence for a geomagnetic field reversal 41,000 years ago, the geoscientists from Potsdam discovered numerous abrupt climate changes during the last ice age in the analysed cores from the Black Sea, as it was already known from the Greenland ice cores.Individuals who visit these types of websites are often serious about their intentions, and they want to find a compatible partner.As the career and jobs take over our lives, we aren’t left with much time to fit dating into our busy schedule.This ultimately allowed a high precision synchronisation of the two data records from the Black Sea and Greenland.

Ein großer Teil der Informationen hat eine “Vorlesefunktion” für Menschen, die nicht lesen können.And then about 41,000 years ago suddenly Earth’s magnetic field weakened by some 95%, allowing a bombardment of cosmic rays, and a couple of centuries during which your compass would direct you towards Antarctica.Following this Earth´s northern hemisphere experienced the biggest volcanic eruption of the last 100,000 years, which occured in Italy.In the same way, this has become an enormous problem, but, on the other hand, people find this method very flexible and easy.Dating sites have taken over the online community, and now single people have an opportunity which services they want to hire.

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