Droid email not updating

Sometimes apps will experience obscure errors that persist because of the data stored in its "cache," which is temporary information that makes the app run faster and more efficiently.

Clearing the cache won't delete any of your data, like emails or account settings.

If you have a task manager that's too restrictive, it might be stopping the Gmail app when it opens or performs a certain task.

You find this option in "Settings," then "Accounts & sync." If "Auto-sync" does not have a check mark beside it, tap it to turn it on.Sending and receiving email on your smartphone is an enormous convenience, so if the email feature fails, it can be an equally significant inconvenience.If your Android's email app just stops updating, you probably have a problem with your Internet access or your phone's settings.I have synced all my accounts but it says the master sync is turned off on each of the 3 accounts. Bear in mind that enabling Master Synchronization will allow other accounts in your phone to sync as well. The good is that it will most probably resolve all your sync troubles across all your accounts.The bad is that it may drain your battery faster depending on the push settings of your apps and accounts.

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