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She is listed on Free Ones since 2011 and is currently ranked 2015th place.

The intrusion correlates with a change from transpressional to transtensional dynamics as documented by a kinematic change from left-lateral convergent strike-slip faulting to left-lateral divergent strike-slip faulting.

Geochronological data from folded gabbros point to an Oligocene minimum age for regional folding at 29.4±0.8 Ma.

Reverse faults and convergent sinistral strike-slip faults occur as well as conjugate reverse faults. These directions correlate with the oblique convergence between the Nazca- and the South America-plate.

The observed geometric divergence of the San Lorenzo-Balmaceda lineament and the apparent control of magma ascent through upper crustal faults may be explained by the interpretation of the SLB as a possible large-scale lower crustal strike slip zone and by shear partitioning from lower crust to upper crust.

Key words: Cordillera de los Andes, Torres del Paine, Magmatism, Deformation.

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