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The culture was matrilineal, centered on the mother.

The society was communal, people lived in three, five, ten family dwellings. First Nations peoples lived in harmony with the earth.

In depth information on the culture, pottery, and pictographs (picture-writings) of the native peoples can be found under the Ontario Archeological Society website.

The oldest unquestioned human remains in North America date from the north west coast, currently Alaska, from around 13,000 BC.

In some cases changes made within the native populations were made within the context of their belief system, not in direct opposition to them, the break with tradition was often more a bend than a break.

The Algonquian tribes lived north and east of Lake Huron and stood aloof from the League of the Great Tree of Peace being formulated further south. The Six Nations peoples, also Iroquois, were originally located in New York state.

The First Nations belief system is inextricably linked to the land.

Most tribes recognize a series of spirits that are part of the land, often in animals and birds, the sun, the moon and the winds, much like the pagan philosophies. The Iroquois had a monotheistic belief in an all-powerful creator known as the "Great Spirit" who is much like the Christian god in that he is seen as all powerful.

There was little importance given to inheritance, property, and ownership, ideas fundamental to the European lifestyle. They loved it, cherished it, protected it, even worshiped it.

The Europeans wanted to own it, control it, wrap it with fences and drag it down.

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