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During French Mandate rule, the city became a center of insurrection and, after independence in 1946, a center of Baathist resistance to the first Syrian governments.During the Syrian civil war, much of the city was devastated due to the Siege of Homs, reconstruction to affected parts of the city are underway with major reconstruction beginning in 2018.

Alexio II and his priest king successors had only ceremonial authority.It has also provided security services to the hinterland of Syria, protecting it from invading forces.Excavations at the Citadel of Homs indicate that the earliest settlement at the site dates back to around 2300 BCE.Originally a center of worship for the sun god El-Gabal, it later gained importance in Christianity under the Byzantines.Homs was conquered by the Muslims in the 7th century and made capital of a district that bore its current name.

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Upon Pompey's incorporation of the Seleucid state of Syria into the Roman Empire in 64 BCE, the Emesani dynasty were confirmed in their rule as client kings of the Romans for aiding their troops in various wars.

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