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According to It seems after the bracelet thing, the press took Harry and Meghan's potential relationship and ran with it.Meghan went to being a fairly famous TV star to a world-renowned mega star overnight, and unfortunately, not all of the press surrounding her was positive. 8, 2016, in an unprecedented official memo from Kensington Palace, Prince Harry confirmed his relationship with Markle, while also calling out the press and the public for their sexist and racist treatment of her.Honestly, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship timeline perplexes me.They've been pretty private for the most part, so I haven't gotten to develop the intimate relationship I have with most other celebrity couples' relationships. And yes, the fact that Meghan is a 36-year-old, divorced, activist, American woman is freaking awesome, but I WANT TO KNOW MORE. So, to help us all get a better picture of what Harry and Meghan's relationship has been like before the now-famous friendship bracelets and before the now-EXTREMELY-famous engagement, I have put together a comprehensive timeline of their relationship milestones for you to refer back to next time you're feeling confused about how this couple you SWEAR just met four minutes ago is now engaged. Meghan and Harry first met in July of last year when they were introduced by a "mutual friend." Now, I know we're all thinking the same thing: WHO is this mutual friend, and does he have any other celeb pals he can set me up with?I’ve got no man, no babies and a freelance career that allows me to live like a student, should I choose to. I’m 30 and by the time my mother was my age, she was married with two children and a mortgage, and was working a 60-hour week in a highly driven, corporate environment.In short, by 30 she was a fully-fledged grown up – a woman.

And now, suddenly, they're engaged, she's quitting and she's moving to London to live with Harry.Harriet, a 30-year-old management consultant found herself in this position when she realized the 15 per cent deposit she’d spent eight years saving up wasn’t going to cut it.“I should be in a good position to buy somewhere – I have a good job and a lump sum that would have been more than sufficient, six or seven years ago, but now, it’s nowhere near enough.Meanwhile, I’m still floundering somewhere between a girl and womanhood - staying up too late, sleeping in too late, powering through my increasingly brutal weekday hangovers with berroccas and bacon sandwiches.It’s not just my behaviour that’s downright childish.

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